March 2021

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2021 National Trans Visibility March Moves to On-The-Ground March October 9, 2021 In Orlando, Florida hosted by One Orlando Alliance and Come Out With Pride

The National Trans Visibility March (NTVM), in its third year of advancing the rights of trans and non-binary individuals, will mark the return to an on-the-ground March on Saturday, October 9, 2021, in Orlando, Florida. This will be the first March to take place outside of Washington, DC. “This past year, NTVM focused on the 2020 Elections with the ‘My Vote Is My Voice’ initiative and hosted the NTVM in a virtual format. This year’s theme, “No Lives Left Behind,” will focus on regional safety plans to address the number of tumultuous murders that are continually taking place with trans identified people. We are taking the National Trans Visibility March back to the streets and on this day, where we celebrate National Trans Visibility Day, we are so pleased to announce that we have selected Orlando, Florida as the host city and we are collaborating with One Orlando Alliance and Come Out With Pride,” said Marissa Miller, CEO and Founder of the National Trans Visibility March.

The NTVM is collaborating with the One Orlando Alliance, who will serve as the local host organization for the 2021 March to be held in collaboration with Orlando’s Come Out With Pride festival and parade on Saturday, October 9. “One Orlando Alliance is grateful to have this opportunity to highlight and stand alongside our amazing transgender and non-binary community and local transgender/non-binary leaders. Hosting the March here in Orlando is an honor,” said Josh Bell, Executive Director, One Orlando Alliance.

Local leadership will also include the Gender Advancement Project, a trans-led grassroots movement dedicated to the progression and inclusion of transgender/GNB individuals in all facets of society. This cooperative effort will make it possible for these two events—both vital to the LGBTQ+ community—to enhance and support one another. “We, at Gender Advancement Project, are very excited to welcome our fellow transgender community members and allies from across the nation to our City Beautiful. The fellowship experience that comes from gathering throughout the weekly line up of events leading up to the March is unique and makes the actual March experience a beautiful and memorable one.

“Over the past few years, our local transgender community has unified and become a strong movement, like it has never been seen before. We are happy to showcase this growth and “We’re looking forward to welcoming thousands of our trans and non-binary siblings from across the nation as Orlando gathers once again at Lake Eola,” said Jeff Prystajko, Board President of Come Out With Pride. “As the largest single-day parade and festival in Central Florida, we’re certain this will create an historic opportunity to both share in trans and nonbinary culture as well as educate the community and allies about the struggles and safety trans and non-binary individuals continue to face every day.”

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